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2009 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge announced
posted Thursday, May 14, 2009 by Yak @ 10:05 AM - 0 comments

This year's Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge will be held from the 4th to the 9th of December. The innovative nature of this demanding sporting and cultural odyssey, with its unique emphasis on fairness, accessibility and camaraderie, represents adventure racing's most exciting opportunity to race against the world's most international field.

In keeping with the last two years, when early December was chosen as the ideal period for adventure racing's Blue Ribbon finale, the 2009 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge will be held from the 4th to the 9th of December. What's more, to ensure that the race offers a sporting challenge rather than an economic one, especially given the current economic climate, the organizers have made a €1,000 reduction to the 2009 entrance fee, bringing it to €2,500 per team and opening the world's most international race to the entire adventure racing community.

In total contrast to many other headline-grabbing races held around the globe, the ADAC is designed to not only appeal to the world's top teams but also to those with the ambition of becoming one themselves but who, as yet, might lack sufficient international or big race experience. Last year, the highly successful ADTA awards took a selection of fortunate 'local' teams from Britain, Sweden, Slovenia the USA and South Africa, all with no international race experience, handed them entry fees, plane tickets and the opportunity to rub shoulder with and learn from the world's best.

The ADTA Continental Rookie Prizes (2,500 USD) handed out cash prizes to the four top teams, one from each of the following four continental zones, Europe, North - South America, Asia - Oceania and The Middle East - Africa, racing for the first time in The Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. Both initiatives, aimed at promoting the sport throughout the burgeoning international rookie community, will be maintained for this year's race.

After 6 days over a course worthy of the world's most international field and matched only by the quality of the encounters with Abu Dhabi's vibrant culture, a lucky few will take with them the "glittering prizes" but thanks to a judiciously planned course and flexible support infrastructure, every team is given the chance to finish the race one way or another. Only in this way are all teams able to complete what is, after all, the objective of any sporting event: to participate and be enriched by the competition, rivalry and ensuing camaraderie. To learn from the experience, come back again and maybe win.

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Michigan Expedition Race is in progress
posted Wednesday, May 13, 2009 by Yak @ 11:07 AM - 0 comments

This multi-day expedition race is part of the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series presented by Inov-8.

The race began at 7:00 this morning with 18 teams setting out on the first paddling leg.

LIVE coverage, made possible by Series sponsors Inov-8,, Numa Sport Optics,, nuun Active Hydration, Headsweats and the soon-to-be-launched Adventure magazine features SPOT-based GPS tracking, leaderboard, race blog, "shout outs", competitor map and more.

2009 Checkpoint Challenge presented by Trailblazers Adventure Racing Club and team Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8
posted Friday, May 8, 2009 by Peter Jolles @ 4:22 PM - 1 comments

Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 in association with Trailblazers Adventure Racing Club is pleased to announce the 2009 Checkpoint Challenge.

Building upon past years successful partnership at the Trailblazers Midnight Rush adventure race, we are again offering individuals who have never competed in adventure racing the opportunity to train and race with members of the Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 adventure racing team in the upcoming Siege on Fort Yargo adventure race.

As part of the Checkpoint Challenge, six selected individuals will be paired up with Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 team members who will mentor and accompany them through training, race preparation as well as the actual race itself. This is an excellent opportunity for people looking to make their debut in adventure racing but are unsure of how to start.

This years Siege on Fort Yargo adventure race will be held on June 20th at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, Georgia. The race will feature mountain biking, trekking, rappelling, paddling, and of course, navigation. The approximately 20 mile race will start at 9 AM and take racers up to 5 hours to finish, giving teams the opportunity to experience adventure racing without having to sign up for a.

In order to be selected for this unique opportunity, please send an email to to the selection committee ( with a 200-400 word essay with the reason(s) why you think you should be selected for the 2009 Checkpoint Challenge. To be eligible, we ask that applicants have an interest in adventure racing but never have competed in an adventure race before.

Entries must be received by June 1st. Selection will be completed and winners will be notified by June 5th.

Sorry about the short notice!!! It's Yak's fault :-(

Untamed New England attracts record turnout
posted Thursday, May 7, 2009 by Yak @ 2:22 PM - 0 comments

The 3-day Untamed New England adventure race, North America's AR World Series Qualifier for 2009, is setting records for expedition race participation in the Northeast United States. With 40 teams and 150+ participants, Untamed New England will dwarf previous expedition races in the region with participants coming from across the US, Canada, and even Europe.

"The host resort, New Hampshire's Balsams Grand Resort, is bracing for an all-out invasion of merino wool, lycra, and mountain bikes," joked Race Director, Grant Killian. "This is an elegant resort that has partnered with us to develop their edgy and adventurous side...and we're bringing them the largest field of teams an expedition race has ever had in New England."

The 200 mile race course is truly worthy of being a World Championship Qualifier. Teams will bike staggering mountain passes and narrow, rooty trails; teams will navigate alpine summits, old wood forests, and bogs; teams will paddle the crystal clear rivers and lakes fed by mountain streams; teams will dangle from sheer rock faces on the ropes course. The course travels through territory normally reserved just for New England’s iconic wildlife: black bear, moose, and eagles. For a few days in July, adventure racers will share this terrain with the wild inhabitants.

Podium finishers at Untamed New England earn a spot in the AR World Championships in Portugal later in 2009. The winning team earns a free entry into the Championships and $4000 to offset their travel expenses to Portugal. The 2nd place team also earns a free entry into the AR World Championships (but no cash for expenses). Other generous sponsor support makes for over $15,000 of prizes on the line.

Introducing banananuun
posted Wednesday, May 6, 2009 by Yak @ 2:24 PM - 0 comments

nuun, which turns every water source into optimal, balanced hydration, is releasing a refreshing new flavor..."banananuun".

This sixth flavor will be available in stores immediately alongside the ever popular lemon lime, citrus fruit, orange ginger, tri berry and kona cola.

"As the leader in the hydration tab market we wanted to come out with a flavor that's not been done before," says Tim Moxey, CEO. "We're proud that nuun is used by the best athletes on the planet to manage hydration on the go. They understand that drinking plain water or sports drinks and staying properly hydrated are not one and the same. With over 5 years of developing the category, we know that our blend of electrolytes works best to help replace what is lost when riding/running and can also prevent cramping."

Each nuun tablet supplies sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium - the essential electrolytes active bodies need, without the sugars found in other sports drinks. Plus, the compact tube of 12 tablets eliminates the need for plastic bottles. Simply drop one tablet into any reusable drinking bottle and add water to make an electrolyte-enhanced drink with light, refreshing flavor.

Whether hiking, running, cycling or doing hot yoga, hydration is key for optimal performance and comfort. Yet, it is estimated that only 10 percent of people are properly hydrated. nuun's light flavors make it easy to keep drinking to stay hydrated. In fact, adding a flavor to water increases intake by 40 percent, while adding flavor and electrolytes increases intake by 90 percent versus plain water. Plus, with nuun, one compact recyclable tube of tablets represents twelve less plastic bottles ever being made or used.

Moxey adds, "We encourage you to break the habit of using bottled water and try a banananuun tab in a reusable bottle. Get a taste of what cyclists, triathletes, runners, and hikers around the world already have. nuun - hydration reinvented."

nuun is a sponsor of the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series presented by Inov-8 and of team Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8.